Retouch 2


Some more before and after

Wow…. I have learned more about photoshop in the last 2 weeks than I have in a year….. and I’m sure I am still only scratching the surface.

Can’t stop retouching……

These images that I am retouchng are all supplied by some very kind photographers over at Model Mayem.

Some more Retouching

Another Before and after.

I’m really enjoying the art of Retouching

Reently, I have been spending quite a bit of time on learning the secrets of retouching. It is an amazing set of tools that these professional guys use.

What got me hooked was the work of Calvin Hollywood and Natalia Taffarel. I am now watching the DVD produced by the latter.

So here is my latest attempt.

Before and After

It is NOT an iPad 3!!!

So the iPad 3 is now on the market and I really want one, but only because I cannot get my original iPad from our pup Bella!!!!

My wife downloaded an app that is supposed to amuse cats for hours on end but I’m afraid after a couple of minutes our cats had sussed it out!

However, Bella, thinks that this poor mouse has been trapped in the box for the last 6 months!

Now who says dogs are smarter than cats?

Another Before and After “Calvinize” Project

Here is another before and after image that I have “Calvinized”.


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