HDR Panoramic


People may tell me that I’m always trying to run before I can walk but that’s OK, I’ve always been like that!

So with a holiday weekend in front of me, I decided HDR was not enough to keep me busy and that I needed to throw something else in the mix. Well, I had never tried a panoramic shot before, so WTH, lets jump in I said!!

The shot below is one of my living room just after we had put up the xmas tree. I used my Canon 7D with a Promote Control to take 3 sets of 9 brackets totaling 27 exposures in all. Now the fun begins.

Firstly I tone-mapped each set of brackets with Nik’s HRD Efex and then “joined” them in to a panoramic with “Kolor Autopano Giga“. The final panoramic was tweaked using Photoshop and Nik’s Color Efex 4.




8 thoughts on “HDR Panoramic

  1. Really great job, Ian! The image is sharp and the details are once again outstanding! Really beautiful! And Congrats on the new site! It looks great!

    The one thing I didn’t find was a link to your Twitter here, or was that intentional? 🙂

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