The Day After Thanksgiving.

Being Scottish, “Thanksgiving is a rather alien tradition for me. However, it is one that I welcome each year, especially as it give me an extended weekend away from work.

Well its the day after Thanksgiving and we put up our Xmas tree once more, according to my wife, this is a must. It seems that every year there are more balls to hang than the year before!

We had a pretty unconventional Thanksgiving Day. No big meals and very little alcohol. We did have a very pleasant day with some friends and our cats and dogs.

Hope you all had a great day, with plenty to give thanks for.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone


5 thoughts on “The Day After Thanksgiving.

  1. Beautiful home and gorgeous tree, Ian! Sounds like you guys had the perfect holiday. 🙂 You really did a great job with the tree. Love the details of the light starbursts and the smoke from the candle. Very cozy! 🙂

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