Cleveland Airport Paper Airplanes

These paper airplanes are the cool sight that meet you when you are running from Terminal C to Terminal D to catch a connection. I would love to have more time to set up my gear to get a better photograph but usually my connection time does not allow for this.

The artist, Andy Yoder, constructed them from Aluminum giving them a very realistic paper look.


5 thoughts on “Cleveland Airport Paper Airplanes

  1. Really great catch, Ian! I bet they are awesome close-up. I love how you always get the starbursts on your lights. Can I ask if that is a special filter for your lens that you are using, or something that is in post processing?

    • Thanks Dina, You can ask about the starburst but I will have to kill you afterwards….LOL…Top Secret!!!

      I actually added the starburst during the post processing. There are a multitude of different types of Photoshop brushes that will accomplish this. I cannot remember the actual name of the brush as it is on my home PC but a quick search in google will produces millions of hits for PS Brushes. If you have never downloaded and installed a custom brush I can help you if needed.

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