For Sale….I think!

On Saturday I decided to take a drive down to Anahuac in South East Texas. It really was a pretty boring drive with nothing taking my interest until I drove past an empty field on the side of Lake Anahuac. This was one of these moments where a double take was required. Did I really see a big red boat in a field. I slowed the car to a stop and reversed back. Yes it was a boat in the field. It really made me wonder how it got there. The only explanation I could come up with is that it was a victim of Hurricane Ike!

Anyway, the proof is below. This is a 7 exposure HDR using Nik’s HDR Efex Pro and some final editing in photoshop.


3 thoughts on “For Sale….I think!

  1. That’s a great find – well and truly marooned. I love the colours in this – you’ve chosen a good POV. I’m trying to decide whether to buy the Nik bundle of software or Photomatix as an addition to Photoshop to make a start on experimenting with HDR? Any recommendations?

    • I had used Photomatix exclusively for about 6 months until I tried HDR Efex Pro about 6 weeks ago. Since trying Nik’s software I have not used Photomatix once. I feel HDR Efex Pro is a much more cleaner and quicker option. I have heard complaints that HRD Efex is slow. This has not been my impression but I did buy a pretty powerful PC lately and that may make all the difference. I may try and do a comparison on this website showing my workflow for both programs if that is something that would interest you?

      Both programs can be downloaded as a trial. I would try both and see what works best for you.

      ps. I love all of Nik’s Software and I have tried Topaz and OnOne but cannot find anything within these software bundles that would make me drop Nik as it is the most versatile one out there IMHO.

  2. Awesome find, Ian! You’ve captured it beautifully. Thanks for the info and tips on the software, good to know your opinions. I’m still finding my way when it comes to a lot of that. 😉

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