Really!!! by Bella

OK, its was Sunday morning and I’m lying around doing not much as usual, just waiting on my morning walk. The two-legged servants are doing there usual trivial things. Nothing unusual so far.

Well that was about to change as the prettier two-legged thing takes a strange and diabolical thing out of a “Pet Smart” bag. Now normally these bags are reserved for my treats so when I first seen the bag I was thinking to myself “At Last, these two-legged things are starting to get there priorities in order….TREATS FOR ME!”

What was it???

I was soon to find out as the prettier two-legged suddenly grabbed me from behind and started to wrestle this abomination on to my pretty little head. I really did try to resist, please believe me, but the prettier two-legged was too strong.

The next think I know is that I am plonked unceremoniously down in from of that ridiculous thing they call a “Tree”. Little do they know that every time my buddy comes round he lifts his leg and lets one go right on the tree. He is not the sharpest dog in the pound and he thinks the tree is real!!!

Anyway, I digress, now the uglier two-legged thing is pointing a terrifying black gadget right in my face!!! Click, click and click is all I hear. One good thing to come out of this is the fact that they are stuffing me with treats just for looking pretty…..oh what a life.

Everything was pretty cool until I suddenly realised what was on my head. Did they know it was Deer hunting season in Texas…..Stupid, Stupid two-legged things.

The evidence is below for all to see. If you have time please call any Animal Welfare Institute and get me help……….


8 thoughts on “Really!!! by Bella

  1. Thanks for the giggles this morning, Ian! You guys must have a lot of fun with your four legged buddies. 🙂 Bella is beautiful and it looks like she handled it all with grace and style. 😉 You also did a great job with the image, so crisp and wonderful!

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