Pilot Peak, Wyoming

The image below was taken at the foot of Pilot Peak in Wyoming. It is an image that my Father-in-Law took a real liking to.

With Christmas coming up, it gave me an idea for a Christmas present for the In-Law’s as they have everything that they would ever possibly need or want and it is usually very dificult to find something suitable for them.

I decided to use Bayphoto.com to supply me a print. Their downloadable software makes the ordering process very easy. The most difficult part was deciding what type of print to go for. They have a plethora of choices and options. I decided to go for a mettalic print which is printed on sheet Aluminium.

I’m really glad I went for this more expesive option as the print came out better than I could hope for. It was fantastic, bright and bold colors and perfect sharpness.

It took about a week and a half from order entry to delivery and is now hanging on the wall of my In-Laws home office.


I took the liberty of hanging it on our hallway and snapping a quick shot of it before mailing it for Christmas, after all it was my first image in print.


3 thoughts on “Pilot Peak, Wyoming

  1. Very attractive Mountainscape. The low positioned POV provides an excellent foreground. White fluffy clouds are always a bonus. You were blessed with an ideal day for this shot.

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