Hangin’ Around

The photograph shown below was taken a few years ago with my trusty Canon 10D. It was the first digital camera I owned and it was so reliable….even when it was travelling at about 120mph.

The shot was taken just as my buddy, Gary, opened his canopy. You will probably notice that he is looking up while his “passenger” is looking down!!! This always amuses me as every passenger looks down upon opening…its totally natural. What they seem to forget is that the ground is not going anywhere and all the excitement is happening above their heads. It is in these few seconds that the skydive can go horribly wrong (not often thankfully!).

There has been a few times I have looked up expecting to see a beautifully inflated canopy and what is above my head is something that looks like a bag of washing. That is the reason for having a reserve canopy…..so far, on the 3 occasions that I have had to use it, it has always worked…….


3 thoughts on “Hangin’ Around

  1. Passengers look down because they think they’re going to de-tach and plummet.

    This, like all of your skydiving shots, is great. I think you’ve found a niche in HDR skydiving shots. The details you pull out of these scenes are like none I’ve ever seen.

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