1952 Chevy Police Car

This old police car sits in front of Landry’s Restaurant on the Kemah Boardwalk. I researched the car a little on Google but came up with very little.

It really does take you back in time to the great old black and white movies where these old cars would speed round corners with ther sirens blaring, lights flashing and tires screaming.


Calvin Hollywood

Who is Calvin Hollywood?

Well, he is a photographer that I found last week while I meandered through some YouTube tutorials. This guy has a very unique style that is instantly recognizable.

Calvin Hollywood is a digital artist, photographer, photoshop-trainer and author from germany. He is a photography based artist and put the focus – in image editing with Photoshop. He is also Adobe Promoter and trainer for Photoshop and typing for magazines.

Anyway I was so impressed with the style of this guys image that I decided to download his book and tutorials. If you are interested, you can find the details at http://www.calvinhollywood-blog.com/trainingtutorials/

So, below is a before and after photo of my first try at retouching using some of Calvin’s techniques.




My Valentine

I am definitely not a guy who is into taking portrait type pics and my wife usually scurries under a pillow when I point my camera at her.

So….what to do?…..be sneaky i suppose!

This image was taken yesterday evening when I was pottering about in the back yard with my camera. Jen did not know this was being taken but I managed to sneak a shot in as she was playing ball with the puppy.

She will probably not speak to me for a couple of days after seeing this post but I could not resist posting this image of my lovely wife Jen.




Hangin’ Around

The photograph shown below was taken a few years ago with my trusty Canon 10D. It was the first digital camera I owned and it was so reliable….even when it was travelling at about 120mph.

The shot was taken just as my buddy, Gary, opened his canopy. You will probably notice that he is looking up while his “passenger” is looking down!!! This always amuses me as every passenger looks down upon opening…its totally natural. What they seem to forget is that the ground is not going anywhere and all the excitement is happening above their heads. It is in these few seconds that the skydive can go horribly wrong (not often thankfully!).

There has been a few times I have looked up expecting to see a beautifully inflated canopy and what is above my head is something that looks like a bag of washing. That is the reason for having a reserve canopy…..so far, on the 3 occasions that I have had to use it, it has always worked…….

Main Street

I have lived in Houston now for over 4 years but for one reason or another I have only been in downtown Houston at night on a couple of occasions. This particular time I was there for the purpose of taking photos.

I really did not know how vibrant, colorful and lively downtown was (I’m a country boy at heart). The image below was taken looking North on Main Street between the rail tracks of the City Metro. If you look very closely you can see Polaris, the North Star.

I have to admit that I really like this photo but it did not strike me as any thing special. As I usually do with my favorite images I uploaded it to 500px on Monday evening and did not give it a second thought until I checked my email on Tuesday morning.

My inbox had over 50 emails waiting to be read…….. The response to the image on 500px was unprecedented for me. The emails were a mixture of people commenting on the photo or adding to their favorites. During Tuesday the emails kept coming and by 5pm that evening the photo had managed to creep its way up to the first page of the popular pages where the images of the top photographers around the globe reside. By 9pm that evening the photo had been viewed by over 2,000 people.

Some of the people reading this know that I have skydived for the last 20 years and I have over 4,500 jumps under my belt. Please believe me that the response to my photo was as exciting as any jump I have ever done…..well…..nearly.

The moral to this story is that even a blind squirrel finds a nut from time to time, and even the novice photographer can hang out with the big guys.


Looking For Leatherface!

While walling the dogs this morning we came across this area in the woods at the back of our house and the first thing  that came to mind was “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. The mood and atmosphere just brought that movie to mind. My wife disagreed, say “it looks more like something Frodo would live in”. I’m going to stick with my first impression although I can see where she is coming from.

When I got home I did a little research and found that many of the location of the original movie were filmed pretty close to where I live. I think I will do a Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Tour and see If I can capture some of the atmosphere from the movie.

Pilot Peak, Wyoming

The image below was taken at the foot of Pilot Peak in Wyoming. It is an image that my Father-in-Law took a real liking to.

With Christmas coming up, it gave me an idea for a Christmas present for the In-Law’s as they have everything that they would ever possibly need or want and it is usually very dificult to find something suitable for them.

I decided to use Bayphoto.com to supply me a print. Their downloadable software makes the ordering process very easy. The most difficult part was deciding what type of print to go for. They have a plethora of choices and options. I decided to go for a mettalic print which is printed on sheet Aluminium.

I’m really glad I went for this more expesive option as the print came out better than I could hope for. It was fantastic, bright and bold colors and perfect sharpness.

It took about a week and a half from order entry to delivery and is now hanging on the wall of my In-Laws home office.


I took the liberty of hanging it on our hallway and snapping a quick shot of it before mailing it for Christmas, after all it was my first image in print.

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